PT. Mitra Sarana Fortuna is a limited liability company (PT) which is moves in Warehousing and Logistics. We runs its business to be able to help meet the needs of companies in Indonesia so that they can run their business productively more efficiently and effectively by using a more well-planned governance system.

Mitra Sarana Fortuna realizes that without quality human resources, although supported by adequate infrastructure, the management of these resources will not be optimal, therefore PT. Mitra Sarana Fortuna prioritizes high quality human resources professionally and personally to support and create a competent and effective company.

“Working efficient and effective with low risk, high responsibilty and self honesty.” Working Effectively and Efficiently by minimizing work risks but still working with a high sense of responsibility and honesty are the foundations of the work culture of PT. Mitra Sarana Fortuna which is applied to each individual.

Mitra Sarana Fortuna also collaborates with leading educational institutions and institutions in order to do the recruitment process for competent human resources according to their respective fields. Compatible human resources will produce and support a firm and solid company management.